Shrub & Hedge Removal

Shrub & Hedge Removal

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove shrubs or hedges. When trimming, pruning, and/or fertilizing a shrub or hedge isn’t enough to keep it alive, removal might be necessary. Also, if the shrub or hedge is already dead, unhealthy, or even unwanted, removal is needed. The professional residential shrub and hedge removal team at Grass Busters Lawn Care can help you determine what shrubs and hedges might be dead or unhealthy and which ones that need to be removed. 

Our Shrub & Hedge Removal Process

In order to remove mature, dead, unhealthy, or unwanted shrubs or hedges, it is first necessary to remove the outer portion of the shrub or hedges. It is essential to remove the roots and stump of the shrubs and hedges, as well as cutting them down. This is typically done by digging around the base of the shrubs and hedges and then cutting the roots, careful to avoid any nearby utilities or the roots of other nearby plants. After the roots have been cut, we will safely remove the stump from the hole allowing a new spot to plant another shrub or hedge, plant flowers, or even level it out for a seamless lawn.

Consult a professional residential shrub and hedge removal expert at Grass Busters Lawn Care when you need a shrub or hedge removed or are not for sure what needs to be done with your unhealthy shrub or hedge. Our residential shrub and hedge removal experts can get your dead, unhealthy, and unwanted shrubs and hedges out of your way for new plants or a seamless lawn. Contact us today by calling 304-634-4863 or by Requesting A FREE Estimate.

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